Confidentiality reasons prohibit us from sharing client names here but we can tell you that our sale rate historically of over 75% is remarkable by any standard.  Here are some

quotes from past customers and clients.

"Once we saw the clear, detailed, and professional documentation created for our business and the confidentiality structure T7 provided for us right from the start, we realized that the price we paid was worth it for that alone - not to mention all the other benefits like aggresive lead generation and posting on all the leading sites - an incredible bargain for sure!"

“We are so excited to have saved thousands and thousands of dollars using T7 Inc. (about $115,000 to be exact).  Their approach is totally professional, considers my privacy, and helps me in all the areas I need help in.  A perfect solution to selling our business.”

'I spoke to T7 and said - "What makes you different from the other brokers I have worked with in the past - taking an exclusive listing and then, for 6 months, not bringing me any quality buyers?"  Well, I soon found out, it comes down to careful and professional documentation, confidential lead generation on all the big websites, and solid follow-through.'

"This approach is unique and it eliminates the stress of wondering if your agent will bring any buyers.  Everything from super detailed profile documents, to secure confidentiality agreements, to generating leads is here.  The T7 Team is experienced and exceptional in their execution from start to finish."

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