We appreciate your business and are excited to join you on this exciting adventure!

If it helps, print out this page and use it as a "check-off" list

To begin, we need to create compelling on-line listings on the top business selling websites and we need to create some presentation documents to present to potential buyers.  To do so effectively, we need some documentation from you.  While not all are absolutely essential, the closer we get to receiving this complete list of items, the better our presentation will be.  We realize this may take some time for you to get this together, so go ahead at least make a start sending us something now will at least give us a chance to get started.  - All items received will be shredded upon completetion of use or returned to you if you instruct us to do so

Our preferred method of receipt is via PDF file or electronic document

If paper copies are easiest for you, mail them to:

T7 Inc. • Attn: Documents Division

29526 N. 67th St.

Scottsdale, AZ 85266

3 years tax returns (main pages only)

3 years profit and loss statements

List of sellable inventory assets

List of assets being sold with the business (vehicles, equipment, etc.)

Full product and/or service offerings list

List of key employees with brief job descriptions

List of business strong points

List or description of business unique points and considerations

Key landmarks: Date of founding, history of business, changes in focus

Current location and time at current location

Your business website URL

Customer database: define scope, number, data format, quality of list

Relevant software used (QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle, etc.)

Any other items you feel are relevant to the sale and

proper presentation of the business would be helpful.  


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