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About Private Equity

Not all private equity firms are the same.  We pride ourselves in our "people first" approach to acquisition and ongoing management. Economies of scale, greater buying power, and compelling software combine to improve profitability and market share growth.
Tall Buildings

Twenty Year History

Our firm believes in inspiring growth in all of our team. Through technology, training and pursuing best business practices, we have consistently been able to retain great people, grow businesses, and excel at improving the businesses we engage with.  

A Different Approach


We do not rebrand your company.

We do not take over and reinvent.

We do not strip down then sell off.

Instead we target sectors we understand:

- We improve, train, and build

- We increase buying efficiencies

- We purchase outright for cash

- We are here for the long term

- We are buyers, you pay no brokerage sale fee

Because our equity firm is the buyer, the search is over. In most cases we can close typically in 3 to 5 months saving you time, decreasing the transactional stress, and saving you significant money with no fees on your side.

Our goal is to create a world-class national platform.

We currently have over $11 billion under management.



Certified as "A Great Place to Work"

     - 5 years

Inc.'s list of "Founder Friendly Investors"

     - 4 years

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