T7 Inc. is a Mergers & Acquisitions firm that is experienced and adept at helping business owners with all aspects of the sale process.  From initial consultation to strategic promotion and confidential dialogue, T7 professionally prepares and presents companies ranging from smaller entities to multi-million dollar business concerns.  


While T7 has performed exceptionally in the traditional sense, their hallmark of operations resides in their relentless pursuit of strategies and techniques that are changing the industry, helping owners sell more economically while never compromising on the excellence of the process and results.


Traditional Brokerage vs. the T7 Approach


There is a major difference between traditional brokerage and T7's Assisted Business Sale approach.  That difference is in the structure of how each system operates.


 The traditional approach has brokers charging an average of 10% of the cost of the sale price as a commission fee which is very significant.  This commission structure exists due to the typically low sale percentage.  


With T7, we utilize the best practices of top tier brokers and Mergers and Acquisitions firms and instead of charging a commission, we charge very affordable service fees and no commission at all.  For a more detailed discussion, watch Video #1 - use the button below.





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