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Before You Sign!

Brokers are very helpful when you want to sell your business HOWEVER - once you sign (for a period of time), they need to put together all your documents, then find a buyer, then close the deal.  If successful, you'll then pay a 8% - 10% fee.  That's very significant.  Here's our alternative...
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We are the buyer!

There won't be any seller fee with us which is a huge savings and there won't be months of hoping to find the right buyer - we are ready, very well-funded, and eager to close.  Who will represent your interest you fairly ask?  Here's how it's going to work:
1)  We'll sign a non-disclosure agreement that will protect your confidentiality on anything that is shared  with us.
2)  Your lawyer will be involved making sure your business and you are being respectfully and ethically dealt with.
3)  If you don't have an idea of the true valuation of your company, we'll encourage you to get a professional valuation from an independent business valuator of your choice.  In this way, you'll be sure to understand what your business is truly worth.
4)  We'll then perform a due diligence process to evaluate your company, the financials, and determine if we are a good match for one another and if we both want to move forward.
5) The transaction documentation is prepared by the attorneys and we close the deal in 3-5 months instead of 6 - 9 months or more.  
A far simpler, faster, and easier way of selling your valuable business.
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